Rhondda Man Sells Rare 50p Collection For A Small Fortune.

Local Man, Chad Aglet was laughing all the way to the bank when he pocketed a small fortune after selling his collection of rare 50 pence coins on Ebay. Aglet, 47 from Heath Terrace in Ynyshir, could not believe his luck when an anonymous Ebayer snapped up his coins for the asking price. “I didn’t think they’d sell so quickly, but someone bit my hand off, I wish I’d put them up for more, but I didn’t want to be greedy.”

“Over the past ten years, I’ve accumulated one thousand 50p coins “, Aglet told us, “each one has a collectable tails side, such as Paddington Bear or The Battle of Britain, but I never got the Brexit one.”

Mr Aglet sold his entire collection of 1000 coins on Ebay, for £499, “I couldn’t believe it, my mam always said they would be worth something one day.”, said Chad.

He also had the Olympic swimmer coin in his collection, but unfortunately it wasn’t the really rare one.

The not very rare Olympic Swimmer Coin
The not very rare Olympic Swimmer Coin

“I’m chuffed, after paying postal costs, I’ve now got almost £485 to spend on whatever I like”, exclaimed Chad.

Mary Fringe, from Blaenllechau said, “I’m going to take a hammer to the electric meter after reading this, it’s full of fifties.”

Mr Aglet, is also selling several china and plastic piggy banks on Ebay if anyone is interested.


    • Not really if you include postage and packaging. I think you’ll find is ahead of the curve here. Like one of those people who buy things then sell them for a little profit. You know like Lovejoy.


  1. Thank’s for the info, he’s a right git though.
    Just rang him for the tenner he’s owed me for months and he says he’s skint.

    I mentioned the £485 quid and he denies having it. That’s the last he’ll have off me.
    All the same, he’s had a great result there.


  2. Hi everyone Pelvis here again.

    Once more great journalism, I heard a rumour that Michael McIntire started his hack career with you and wouldnt be surprised as top notch reporting.

    Anyway my point – a couple of years ago I enquired if you would be interested in a readers wives section on your publication. I have some crackers of Mrs Menthol.

    I respect that your busy and can’t reply to everyone response and I don’t want to appear to pushy but I think the fine people of the Rhondda would love that feature.


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