Rhondda Walker Disgusted By Other People Walking Up Pen Y Fan During Lockdown

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A keen hill walker from The Rhondda has vented her anger and disgust at the amount of people who have been ignoring lockdown rules and driving to the Pen Y Fan area just to walk up the mountain.

“I can’t believe all the people here”, said Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau, “I drove here today to have a quiet walk up Pen Y Fan and it’s absolutely mobbed here, don’t these idiots know we’re in a lock down, I’m disgusted with them all.”

My Rhondda New asked Mrs Fringe if she was aware that people are only allowed to exercise locally, and she said, “I can see Pen Y Fan from the Rhondda, therefore, I’m counting it as local. It’s these selfish buggers who can’t see these places from their homes who just turn up here too. Honestly it was almost impossible to social distance with everyone up there.”

Police Constable, Catherine Wheeler told us that the car parks were full at Storey Arms and police had to turn away people who had travelled from as far afield as London.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous really”, the PC told us, “Poor Mary was put in danger by all the selfish and ignorant people who think that lockdown rules don’t apply to them, if you were up Pen Y Fan today, and you drove here, then you have broken lockdown rules, no excuses.”

Mrs Fringe is planning her annual New Years Day beach walk at Porthcawl in a few days time, and urges others not to break the rules and go there and ruin things for her.

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  1. How can blaenllechau be local to pen y fan for god sake ,she’s just as bad as the people travelling there 🤷


  2. It was exactly the same on Penrhys, my mother was shooing them away with a big brush. But because Penrhys is only one word, Pen Y Fan gets all the glory in the news.


  3. As long as she can see porthcawl from her house I think that’s still local. And isn’t Porthcawl technically part of Porth anyway so I think Mary should be fine for Coney Beach, but Rest Bay would be taking the piss.


  4. Got to agree with that ,she’s not local to pen y fan or porthcawl ,should stay in her locality ,


  5. I live in Blaenllechau and can`t see Pen y fan form where I live because there is a range of hills in the way including Aberdare Mountain.


  6. I can see the moon from my house so I may go there tomorrow. But I don’t have a rocket,fuel or any money to buy/make one.


  7. I live in Tonypandy and I take my mountain bike up the Brecon Mountains twice a week, more if the weather is fine. It fits in the back of my Car perfect.
    Tell Mary Fringe to take a drive up there instead, I was up there yesterday and there’s hardly anyone else us there most days so she can take a nice stroll unhindered.


  8. What a load of rubbish. I suppose because she can see the moon from her house she thinks that is local too. I bet she doesn’t even shop at local butchers or local newsagents. The only people that can call Pen Y Fan local is the people that camp on there. Also the Story Arms, since when do your arms tell you stories. FFS. *KEEP WALES LOCAL*


  9. Whilst in bed I often say to Mrs Flintoff I can see Uranus. How we laugh. Does that count as local? Asking for a friend.


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