Rhondda Shopper Refuses To Wear Mask, Asks Children To Buy Him Fags.

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A Ferndale man who refuses to wear a face mask to protect himself and others from Covid:19 has been caught asking children to buy him fags in Treorchy Co-op.

Neil Gammon, 51, of Oak Street, Ferndale  refuses to wear a “pointless” face mask in shops dispute UK law, stating “I ain’t wearing nothing on my face for no-one, especially not a pointless mask. There’ll be no shopping for me for a while.”

Gammon, a local tradesman, has also turned down work due to the requirement for him to wear a mask on the site he was due to work,  he told My Rhondda News, “I’d rather starve than wear a mask to work.”

Treorchy Co-op has now banned Mr Gammon from the shop, after he was caught giving money to 17 year olds and asking them to buy him fags, as he was not allowed in the shop without a mask. Brenda Bookbinding who works at the store said, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, we used to just have to worry about adults buying booze for children, now it’s the other way around, you couldn’t make it up.”

Rhondda Cynon Taf was put into lockdown this week following a rise in the number of positive tests in the area. The lockdown prevents RCT residents leaving the borough for non essential travel. Going to work and attending medical appointments are some of the small number of reasons you can leave, but things like travelling to meet someone from a dating site are not allowed. This has prompted scares that the lockdown may increase inbreeding in the valleys.

People from England are taking advantage of the fact that valley people cannot go to Porthcawl or Barry Island this weekend, we spoke to Jim Fringe from Bristol in Porthcawl today, “It’s brilliant, we’ve got this seaside paradise to ourselves, it’s nice to be down here without the risk of bumping into my cousin from Blaen somewhere or other.”

Word of the lockdown in RCT has travelled far and wide, with the USA’s President Trump now referring to Covid:19 as the “Abercynon Virus.”

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  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous really, this time last year I was banned from Lloyds bank in Tonypandy for wearing a mask.
    Shops and Banks need to make their minds up!


  2. what the f*ck they mean coz we are on lockdown it could cause breeding in the valleys🤣🤣🤣 and trump in the usa calling covid 19 the abercynon virus.Talk about taking the piss out of us welsh people.


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