Rhondda Prepares for Extreme Cold Snap

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With severe frosts forecast over the coming days as well as the risk of snow in places, as winter finally arrives, the Met Office have issued a yellow cold weather alert.

My Rhondda News has been speaking to the people of the Rhondda to see how they are preparing for the seasonally normal, cold snap.

Panic Buying
Mr Stephen Stevens from East Road, Tylorstown has been telling us that the thing that concerns him most about snow in the Rhondda, is the panic buying that comes with it, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, as soon as there’s even a hint of snow, the shops run out of milk. I’ll probably buy two or three pints more than normal just to be safe.”

Snowed In
With the prospect of his car being snowed in, James Creole, a factory worker at Maerdy’s Avon Engineering, who lives in Pine Street, Ferndale, told us his plans for next week’s snow day, “There’s no way I’ll be able to get to work if I can’t get the car out of the street, it’s ok for those living on the main road, but I can’t get the car up the hill in the snow. I’ll probably have a lie in and take the dog for a walk up Maerdy reservoir instead.”

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Working From Home
Mark Williams of Gilfach Goch, who works in the IT industry, is already thinking of cancelling his broadband so he won’t be able to work from home next week, “It’s not fair you see,” said Mark, “when I’m snowed in, my boss still expects me to do work as I’m able to dial into the office, but why shouldn’t I have a snow day like everyone else.” Mark is spending this week downloading every episode of The Walking Dead so he’ll have something new to watch while he is snowed in.

Mary Fringe from Blaenlleachau told us, “We don’t get snow days in Blaenllechau, the bloke who drives the gritter lives in Baptist Square, so our roads are always clear up here.”

How will you prepare for the snowy weather, will you brave it and walk to the main road to catch a bus, or maybe you live near a train station and dont have to worry? How will you cope with the lack of milk and bread in the shops? My Rhondda News wants to hear about your plans to deal with the forecasted snow and the impending chaos it will bring, please leave your comments below.

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  1. Great attitude and work ethic…..no wonder we are in such a state….I have never failed to get to work in bad weather


    • Totally agree, Ron, he enjoys modern technology for 365 days a year, then with the possibility of people being unable to get to their place of work a perk of phoning in, and getting paid, has made this idiot, so jealous, he will miss out, he exposes his true feelings in this comment. His firm should lay on an ex army 8 tracked vehicle to collect him from home deliver him to the office, let him sleep there until snow disappears.


  2. I bought an extra large freezer from Currys and have filled it full of white sliced bread. There’s no way if the Ice Age returns will I be caught short!!! I’ve also stockpiled all the corned beef I could carry in my 4 wheel drive. I’m ready for anything! If they nuke London I’ll be alright because I’ve lined my cwtch will 4 inch lead !!! I have also seen a bloke from Tynte who said he can get me a Kalasnikov! They ‘ll never get then !!!


  3. I’m going to buy 2 copies of Rhondda Leader to keep up with news because I won’t be able to get to the shops. I would take the house ads, car ads out and burn them on my coal fire. Luv snow I do!


  4. Looking forward to seeing all these idiots with their toy 4×4’s who actually have no idea how to drive in the snow, skidding out of control & getting themselves stuck in a snowdrift. A normal front wheel drive car fitted with proper snow tyres will do far better in the snow than your average Chelsea Tractor anyway. lol
    Bring on the snow Mr Weatherman. Save your insurance claim – stay home and build a snowman instead.


  5. Its snow it will only last a few days shorley if there have been a yellow warning issued the gritters will be around!!! I live in a site so if it does or not im looking forward to the cold weather 😊


  6. If you live in a back Street
    Park your car on the main road then!!!
    You can walk to maerdy res with the dog yet can walk to work even though your work place is closer brilliant comment made me laugh.


  7. I live in Tylorstown, and if there is a avalanche I’m going to carry a dog biscuit in my pocket . That way the rescue dog will find me first.


  8. I love snow days nothing better than being out all day no work drinking!! Anyone got any work going? Im on dole currently my tag will let me go to Porth but no further


  9. I went to porth for a loaf of bread after driving the bus up and down to catdiff all day. And guess What! No bread in Morrison’s, Lidl or farmfoods. It’s bloody ridiculous all this panic buying for a snow day. Everyone knows that the council will clear the roads and I’ll be back in my bus in hours. I now haven’t got enough bread for my sandwiches so I will have a pot noodle instead.


  10. I love the snow mun, it’s tidy like, isn’t it ? I always take a sledge to visit Mary Fringe of Llwynypia just to see her nipples in the cold. They’re like Chapel hat pegs.


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