Ferndale Dragon Spotted In Llanwonno

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Residents of Ferndale can now sleep easy knowing that the Greenwood Park Dragon, that was controversially dug up and placed in “storage” last year, is once again proudly on display for everyone to enjoy.

Enter The Dragon
The dragon was an art installation which sat at the entrance to Greenwood Park, Ferndale, and gave joy to children and adults alike for many years, and now following its removal last year, has been given a new job, protecting the Rhondda’s most famous slag heap, Old Smokey, from erosion caused by off road motor bikes.

The dragon has been placed across a break in a fence to deter off road bikes from riding up and down Old Smokey, which prominently stands overlooking Tylorstown.

A section of the dragon in Llanwonno.

Councillor, Lyndon Flaps told My Rhondda News, “We believe we have found the perfect resting place for our famous dragon. Even Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones would be happy with this, a dragon guarding old smokey, it’s like a partnership forged in the Fires of Mordor from Lord of the Rings.”

Way of the Dragon
Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau, whose nephew rides an off road motor bike, told us, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, my little Jack has to ride an extra fifty yards to find another gap in the fence to get to Old Smokey, I think the council should have thought of the environmental impact from the extra petrol he and his mates are using to get around the dragon.”

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  1. Why on earth would the council do something like this, it’s ridicules why can’t they see that old smokey is a place for all ages to come on they’re dirt bikes to enjoy them selves I for one did it for years, I have seen people gathering there from all around like places in Llanelli abitelery combran even they came with bikes on trailers parked up down by Llanwyno pub, even the pub benefitted from it, I used to go up old smoky with my brother an his boy, many more do the same thing, it’s a meeting area a place to gather around with friends ride chat chill out show off do things with they’re motorbikes oldest it’s controlled, so it the council want to do something why not build a motorbike corsa around old smoky with old smoky a part of it MAKE IT AN OFFICIAL RHONDDA OFF ROADING EXPERIENCE, there’s views people can take in the land scape the atmosphere, IT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE AN IT’S BEEN LIKE IT FOR OVER 20 ODD YEARS AN SHOULD GO ON FOR A LOT MOER LONGER.


  2. Council far more happier spending loads of money in Pontypridd on that monstrosity of a new building
    Looking at the design of it it must have cost us the tax payers loads .. who’s gonna go to ponty they’ve lost all their shops and market stalls charging so much rent .. and the car parking charges are horendous … it’s s pity they didn’t see old smoky as a vene for bikers off-roaders etc .. and one side could be acsess for joe public to enjoy the fab views


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