Plans For Rhondda’s Electric Car Infrastructure Are Leaked

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On Monday, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report, which says unless we start reducing carbon emissions now, our planet is at risk of extreme drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people.

One of the many recommendations in the report was for us to start using electric cars instead of petrol and diesel, but is the Rhondda ready for electric cars, does it have the infrastructure?

With the majority of Rhondda people living in terraced houses with no designated parking or driveways, parking can be a free for all in most streets. Parking outside your own house is normally a luxury only reserved for those who are lucky enough to own road cones to reserve their space when they go out.

So, the thought of owning an electric car and struggling to park it outside your own home to charge, is very worrying for Rhondda people, and has been putting them off buying electric cars.  Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau said, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really,  I wouldn’t be able to park outside my house due to them next door having three cars and two vans so how would I charge it, it’s a good job I don’t drive.”

Thanks to a leaked council document, My Rhondda News can now reveal that we have nothing to fear, the council have already come up with plans to dramatically change the infrastructure to allow people who live in terraced houses to charge electric cars in their own streets. “Extension Leads, that’s the answer,” said council spokesman Lyndon Flaps, “We’ll hand out extension leads to everyone who needs one, if they’re not long enough they can have two and join them together, and so on.”

The report also said that from 2020 onwards, council bin men will hand out extension leads during their rounds, Mr Flaps said “The bin men already hand out recycling bags on their rounds, getting them to hand out extension leads too is a great way to save on carbon emissions.”

Flapps continued, “The only downside of the plan is that if people are joining two or more extension leads together, there is a danger of electric theft, as a neighbour could plug into your lead and steel your electricity, but fear not we are trying to come up with a way of stopping this from happening.”

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    I don’t think even HEATH-ROBINSON himself could have come up with more complicated a solution for an unknown situation.
    The very idea being floated of multiples of leads being available snaking their way to wherever one is able to park is not a practical proposition.
    Back to the drawing board for sensible solutions please.
    Takes me back to the days when if you saw a statement, “ and this is the best way of doing something” not enough time has been spent on the impact on the people who it affects the most-your electors.


  2. Have the people who think this system actually works , been to see where people in terraced houses actually live.? Their cars are usually parked 3 street away , because there’s no room outside their own houses !


  3. Have looked in to this purchasing of an electric car the government will give you £3600 towards the purchase of a car and 75%or up £500 towards putting in a charging unit but if you live in a terraced house you have to go through the council to provide the infrastructure apparently would imagine you would give the £500 to the council to help with this but you only have a 4 month window to do it if I read the information correctly as there was a lot of info to get through


  4. Simple. Bring in the powers for the house you live in you parks you’re one and only vehicle outside to charge.common courtesy would be that people with more than 1 vehicle have to find somewhere else than outside other peoples houses and works Van’s stay where they should be kept at work and not in residential streets.


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