Christmas Has Come Early To The Rhondda, Again!

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A Rhondda Christmas window painter has had to start is rounds even earlier this year due to a hike in demand, and he painted his first window this weekend.

The painting over of windows at Christmas has been a Rhondda tradition for many years, with people having their kids favourite TV characters, such as Bart Simpson, Peter Griffin or someone from the X-Factor, painted on to a window together with someone Christmassy such as elves, Santa or Jesus.

Anyone from the Rhondda knows only too well, that Christmas celebrations normally start as early as mid October for some local people, but this year the Jameson family from Tylorstown have started their Christmas on the 6th October.

“The kids love it see,” said Kealliehaya Jameson, from East Road, “They’ve already started asking me how many sleeps there is until Santa. I know 78 sounds like a lot but it’ll soon fly by. My trees up too.”

Rhondda’s favourite Window Painter, Martin Creole told My Rhondda News, “It’s absolutely Ridiculous really, I keep getting asked earlier and earlier each year, I’m doing a joint Halloween come Christmas one later today.”

Do you know anyone else who has trimmed up yet? Let us know using the comments section below (Email address is NOT required).

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  1. Irene Bottle from Railway Terrace, Cwmparc has trimmed up. She’s having a Halloweenmas party on 31st October, and she’s preparing her traditional bowl of pigs in blankets ready for the eager children out for Trick or Treat.


  2. This is getting worse every year. There should be a law stopping any trimmings going up until 24th December. None of those horrible lights on houses, and Christmas presents to cost no more than £10. Only 1 per child. And a tangerine. This will save so much money and everyone will be happier and wealthier. And no electric games on telly. Board games and songs around the piano are good enough for anyone. The true spirit of Xmas.
    It’s just the media who build it up to sell papers. Horrible journalists and greedy shopkeepers. Bring back a traditional Xmas I say.


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