The Ferndale Dragon, “We Can’t Bloody Win” Say Council

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It’s been several months since the Greenwood Park Dragon in Ferndale decided to spread its wings and fly away, or so the authorities would rather us believe. Because, if the dragon had simply flown away on its own initiative, that would have been less embarrassing for the authorities than what really happened.

Almost a whole year ago, Ferndale lost its beloved stone dragon, when it was simply dug up for the ground to be tarmacked over for a car park. The dragon was an art installation which proudly sat at the entrance to Greenwood Park, and gave joy to children and adults alike for many years.

My Rhondda News has always stood up for the little man in the street, so we decided to approach the authorities to find out what’s happening to the Dragon now.

“We can’t bloody win!”, said Lyndon Flaps from the council, “They threw their toys out of the pram in Ferndale when we wanted to put a statue of a cow up there, and now they want the dragon back. It beggars belief. Either they want animal statues or they don’t, they need to make their bloody minds up really.”

Back in 2009, the council wanted to erect a statue of a cow in Ferndale, but this was met with locals throwing their toys out of the pram because they didn’t want money wasted on a “Silly Cow on the Strand”. The story made the news all over the world, with news agencies dubbing the scandal Cowgate.

We asked Mr Flaps why the dragon was dug up and he told us, “It’s quite simple really, like I said before, we can’t bloody win, we thought if the people of Ferndale were so vocal over Cowgate, we’d simply give them what they want and take the dragon away too. We genuinely thought we’d be doing them all a favour.”

Ferndale is never too far away from a scandal, this week a new fence is causing a lot of rumblings from locals, when the authorities erected a fence around the lake in Darren Park without any consultation with local groups, “The money could have been better spent on the toilets in the park, they’re absolutely ridiculous really.” said Mary Fringe from Blanlleachau. The media have dubbed the scandal Fencegate.

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  1. People think I was conceived in the cowfield at Darren park and that’s how I got my name (Dai Cowfield) the real reason is because I’m full of bull shit.


  2. you could paint the streets gold in ferndale and someone will say its the wrong shade of gold


  3. The dragon down in Greenwood park was put there for the people of Ferndale by the people of Ferndale. It was not for the council to take it away to make way for a few extra car park spaces for the rugby club… As regards the cow statue, that was a joke… It was going to be put up by the bus stop for Blaenllecau on Station Road. Sorry, but the council have only themselves to blame for the row over digging up the dragon.. We were promised it would be resisted in Darran Park, but it hasn’t yet appeared.


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