Joyful Scenes in Ferndale Co-op as Someone Actually Uses the Self-checkout Without Intervention From Staff

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There were scenes of pure joy and celebration in Ferndale today, as someone actually successfully used the self-checkout till all on their own, without any annoying red lights, beeps or the need for the cashier to stop serving other people and come and help out.

A cheer was heard as far away as Dylan’s Pet Shop, as news of the successful transaction quickly spread around the town.

Richard Felt, 34 from Frederick Street approached the tills at around midday, when the shop was particularly busy, and was faced with a twelve strong queue in front of him, 3 cashiers serving at the tills, but no-one using the self checkouts.

“I thought twice about it at first,” said Richard, “but then I thought, man up and go for it, so I did.”

Richard had often witnessed other people try and be clever and beat the queues in the shop by trying to use the newfangled technology, only to see them fail as the device tells them to wait for assistance, or they get embarrassed as local pensioners hurl abuse at them in the form of witty comments, such as “Look at that clever bugger.”

“I scanned my two, four pints of milk first, one at a time, and very very carefully placed them on the bagging area,” Mr Felt continued, “next up was a loaf of bread, then I clicked the one bag button, and finally my payment was successfully taken. The cashier had already started walking over to me to lend some assistance, but she stopped in her tracks dumbfounded when she realised I had successfully completed the transaction all on my own. I felt a bit special really”

The cashier quickly pointed out Mr Felt’s success to other staff and customers and a cheer quickly went up, news spread to neighbouring shops, and people started coming into the shop to congratulate Mr Felt.

Mary Fringe, from Blaenllechau said, “I heard the news when I got off the Blaen bus by the job centre, so I rushed to the Cop to have a go myself, but sadly by the time I got there, the machines were up to their old tricks again, and there was a queue, it’s absolutely ridiculous really.”
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