“Rhondda Bagsy Stole My Idea”

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A Rhondda graffiti artist is crying foul, claiming that Rhondda Bagsy stole his idea.

The Treorchy based man who wishes to remain anonymous claims to be one of the few people who knows Bagsy’s real identity, and says that he came up with the idea of calling himself something that sounds similar to Banksy first, and that Bagsy stole his idea.

Bogsy has tried to gain fame by drawing willies on the back of public toilet doors and sign them with his special Bogsy signature, he hopes that one day in the future to see one of his toilet doors hanging in an art gallery someone.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous really.” Bogsy told us, “I said to him (Bagsy) I was going to call myself Bogsy, and then only a few days later those bloody carrier bags started to show up in shops, if you ask me, he’s nothing more than a vandal.”

Bagsy has shot to fame in the Rhondda recently by drawing on carrier bags and leaving them in shops for lucky people to find, and similarly to the world famous Banksy, Bagsy’s identity remains a mystery. Bagsy’s bags are well sort after, with only a few people lucky enough to own an original.

“My willies are art,” Bogsy said, “and it gives people something to look at, one day I hope people will be sitting on a bench in an art gallery looking at my work, and not on the shitter.”

Mary Fringe, from Blaenllechau told My Rhondda News, “There used to be one in ladies in the Rad, but it’s not open now. I wonder if it will be worth something one day.”

Have you seen a Bogsy original anywhere? If you have we’d love to hear from you, please comment below.

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  1. This is rude. No wonder he’s not famous. My ex mother-in- law would have sorted him out. Nobody wants to sit on the throne and see this “art”. Almost as bad as Picasso.


  2. I’d rather see Bagsys carrier bags with pictures of people than pictures of willies that would never catch on


  3. Does Bogsy need any life models? Got time on my hands since my ant farm business went bust. #nofutureinfarming


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