Treorchy Man Misses Ed Sheeran’s Concerts In Cardiff

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A man from Treorchy is the only person in the whole of Wales who has not gone to see Ed Sheeran in Cardiff.

Norman Parting, 52, from Stuart Street, told My Rhondda News, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I liked him in Harry Potter, but I don’t like his singing.”

Ed Sheeran is tonight playing the final night in his record breaking forty two night stint at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, locally known as the Millennium Stadium. Every single person in Wales has been to see the concert except Norman.

Mr Sheeran has even offered to come to Treorchy and play a private gig for Norman in his house, but Norman has politely declined his offer.

People from the Rhondda, and other parts of Wales, have been flocking to Cardiff night after night, for the last six weeks (although it feels like longer), and filling social media with selfies of themselves at the concert.

Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau said, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, I went, and I don’t even like him, but I just didn’t want to be left out.”


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  1. I presume this is meant to be hyperbolic comedy. I live in Wales and never went to see Ed Sheehan. I am sure the same applies to the vast majority of the Welsh population. Did all the hospitals and medical staff abandon their post and go to see a singer? Did all the nursing homes and staff evacuate en mass to see a singer?


    • They did all go, I work in a hospital and all of the doctors and nurses went on different nights, we wouldn’t abandon our posts like that, we’re not monsters.


  2. After his two highly unusual and totally un-scheduled ‘comfort stops’ (when you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go), during Saturday’s performance which kept 60,000 people waiting ( the queues for the loos are very long there),he could now easily be known as Ed Peeran


  3. I didn’t go, but if I had one wish (just the one wish), I wish I had gone to see the man You only live once, and I’ve missed out on something very very very very special, there. Tamping…!


  4. It would take 40 nights at least for the entire population to attend. That’s assuming nobody came from England.
    Having said that, I know Norman Parting and saw him at the gig myself on Friday.


  5. I am also from Cwmparc and didn’t see him. I’m also not a fan but would happily go up Rhianydd’s house if he comes to play in her living room. Know her well. She’s a top lass.


  6. I went to all 4 concerts , but didn’t get in to any of them as I’d bought my tickets on a well known website for the princely sum of £4,500 per night.
    It was worth every penny too just to get out of Llanrumney for a couple of nights


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