Rhondda Food Recycling Hits Record Levels

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The council has reported a sharp rise in its already high recycling rates, as this week saw food recycling at an all time high, with more food recycled in one week than the entire months of January and February combined.

Council spokesman, Marcus Flunt said, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, we had to deal with more food waste this week than we did in the week following Christmas.”

Mr Flunt told My Rhondda News that approximately 40,000 loaves of bread were the main cause in the sudden spike in food waste, “I’ve never seen so much bread in one place before, we had to store it in a special Silo, it’s a pity we don’t have one of those EU butter mountains near by.”

Plastic recycling was also up, with a reported 30,000 extra plastic milk bottles being recycled compared to a normal week.

Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau has run out of recycling bags, so can the bin men please drop a few in for her please. My Rhondda News realise that last comment is a strange thing to print in a news article, but we figured most people usually only read the headlines and never get this far down in one of our articles.

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  1. Perhaps people aren’t putting the food bins out every week, but do like I do, wait until it is full before putting out for collection, as I don’t generate that much food waste due to composting vegetable matter and only cooking what the family is going to eat. Maybe people are getting less wasteful but only putting the food carried out when they are full.


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