Rhondda Shops Report Rise in Sales of Soya and Almond Milk

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Reports are coming in that sales of posh milks, such as soya and almond milk, are up in the Rhondda, and it’s all due to the forecasted inclement weather.

With shops all over the Valleys running out of normal milk, shoppers have been forced to turn to milk that is usually only bought by people who live in The Vale of Glamorgan.

Two cartons of soya milk were purchased from Morrison’s this afternoon, and one carton of almond milk vanished from a shelf in Lidl’s Treorchy, but management there think it was shop lifted and not bought.

Malcolm Plum from Morrison’s in Porth told My Rhondda News, “We can’t possibly keep up with this demand. I’ve placed an extra order with Alpro earlier today, and I’d like to assure the people of the Rhondda that we will have four cartons of soya milk on the shelves by tomorrow afternoon.

Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau managed to get her hands on the last carton of soya milk from Morrison’s, she told us, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, it made by tea taste like shite.”


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  1. This time of year I always check the 14 day weather for the Rhondda, I’ve known since last Thursday all this snow was coming.
    Last night I was in ASDA Tonypandy and bought 8 containers of four pints of milk and twelve loaves of 50/50 bread.

    I have a big chest freezer that I keep especially for the winter, its the only way to beat the hoarders. Those people have no consideration for others.


  2. Very pleased to see some news from myrhondda.com. but a complaint. I haven’t been out of the house since December because you falsely reported the snow then 2 months without hearing from you and when I did come out this week there was still snow. It’s a good job I did stock up then.although the milk I bought then doesn’t taste so nice now. Should I have put it in the freezer?


  3. And almonds are like coconuts, hard shells so you can get milk out of them. Peanuts, soft shells, can only be roasted or salted. Simple.


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