Bedlam in Porth as Woman is Lost in Morrison’s For 2 Days

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A woman from Blaenllechau has spent the last 2 days in Morrison’s in Porth after getting lost in there following changes to the shop layout.

Mary Fringe, from Blaenllechau went in to do her weekly shop on Wednesday, but wasn’t seen again until today. “I went up what used to be the wine aisle and I found myself surrounded by children’s clothes, I was so disorientated I didnt know where I was.”

The shop’s layout had recently gone through a major re-design, which has left shoppers feeling lost and bewildered.

Mrs Fringe managed to find her way to a corner of the shop by a window, and hold her phone up high enough to get a signal, she then called 999 for help. Luckily the Mines Rescue Service in Dinas were on hand, and came to Mary’s rescue.”

Jimothy Belt of the Mines Rescue Service had this warning for customers, “People need to stop and think about their safety when entering into a newly designed store, they can quickly get disorientated in the strange surroundings. They need to make sure they have the right equipment too, it’s a good job that Mrs Fringe got lost in a well stocked shop, she may have starved. I shall be writing to Morrison’s recommending that they give out maps to customers following any re-arrangements in future.”

Mrs Fringe was able to survive on peanut butter, rocky bars and Volvic sugar free strawberry flavoured water, she has been described by family members as the Bear Grylls of Blaen.

We asked a customer who was leaving the shop empty handed how she found the experience, Porth local Dorothy Dap told us,  “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, they’ve taken the gap out of the middle of the aisles, so now once you start you have to walk up the full length of the shop, I’ve only been in there half hour and I’ve already reached my 10000 steps, so I guess it’s not all bad.”

St John’s Ambulance have set up a water station by the exit, equipped with thermal blankets and Kendal Mint Cake as a safety measure. Luckily, no fatalities have been reported so far.

This is the third major shop re-design in the Rhondda this year, a few months ago a man had a lucky escape from the Ferndale Co-op following a redesign which left the shop only slightly different than before.

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  1. I’m a diabetic and had to eat 4 packets of jellybabies a lite of milk and a family pack of pasties when I started to have a hypo after 4 hours on Sunday, but at least I’ve got some lovely jumpers.

    BTW just read the guidelines for a hypo and I should have eaten 4 jellybabies followed by a drink and a jacket potatoe.


  2. That Dot Dap is nothing but a liar, they haven’t taken the gap out of the middle of the aisles, it’s more like 3/4 . It’s about time that woman got her facts right, I’ve told her 9674 times to stop exaggerating but she just doesn’t listen. But that could be down to the fact that her two hearing aids are faulty.


  3. Omg I think its mental.. t heyv moved the bread row twice as well.. the clothes are dear as he’ll don’t think il be there much longer.. roll on asdas.. il be back once rds open again.. Morrison’s used to be handy for a couple of things but iv got to go down every aisle and spend double..


  4. So your telling me no one working nights saw her “stuck” in the shop. + during the re-fit there are at least 50+ people in the shop working and not one person saw her. What a load of rubbish


  5. Didn’t she think to ask a staff member to lead her to the exit. The store is not that big. It’s just rediculus!


  6. I was walking my pet tarantula past there and saw a women with her phone by the window.I thought she was taking a selfie. She was smiling and had a packet of Oreos in her hand. Hope she recovers from her ordeal.


  7. This sort of thing is happening all the time, I’ve found many a skeleton in the cupboards in furniture stores.


  8. My Dad was from Ferndale. His friend from Dowlais Top said he spoke Blaellechau Welsh. But the BBC paid Dad for appearing on TV speaking Welsh.


  9. Mary fringe does it on purpose. She’s nothing but an attention seeker. She just wants to be in your newspaper. And brag about it down the pub. She does my head in.


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