Rhondda Volcano Set For Fireworks

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One of the Rhondda’s most prominent land marks known locally as Old Smokey is set for fireworks once again, as the once dormant volcano shows signs of coming to life.

Smoke was witnessed rising from Old Smokey earlier this week, making Tylorstown and Staleytown residents very nervous indeed.

Also known as Llanwonno tip and Tylorstown Tip, amongst other names, Old Smokey is a constant reminder to Rhondda people of how the coal board tried to quash the might of planet Earth, by filling the Rhondda’s only volcano with waste from local mines.

The coal board thought they had succeeded in doing so, when back in the 1970s the smoke that used to rise from the tip, the very smoke that gave the tip it’s name, stopped. Street parties and carnivals were held all over Stanleytown and the local area to celebrate the fact that the volcano was no longer a threat.

But over forty years later, it looks like they’re attempts to stop mother nature have failed.

Local Rhondda vulcanologist, Dr Dai Nimoy, told My Rhondda News, “I can’t believe they had the audacity to think they could put out a volcano.” “That sort of thing only happens in the movies.”, he said referring to the 1997, Tommy Lee Jones Film in which Jones’ character thwarts a volcano and saves Los Angeles with fire engines and some concrete.

Local authorities have urged resident not to panic, and want to assure the public that any evacuations will be carried out, if needed, in plenty of time.

Gaye Smith, from Tylorstown told us, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, I love going up the tip for a walk, and never knew it was a volcano, I just cant believe it really.”

Watch this space as My Rhondda News will be the first to report any changes that may affect local residents.

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  1. I always knew Blaen was Rhondda’s Pompeii the tragic figures encased in stone and suspended in time forever!


  2. it’ll certainly be a bit of a shock for all those scrambler bike knobheads if they suddenly meet molten lava coming at them one day when they’re hurtling up the side of the tip.


  3. Can you please tell me if this is a proper volcano not the black pit. As I have thick people telling me it ain’t a volcano when it states it is


  4. There is in fact a crashed UFO under that mound they call old Smokey but the council filled it in to keep it quietly hidden and if you stand on top with a compass it go crazy


  5. Being a miner all my working life I remember some of the old boys telling me stories back in the fifties about the volcano in Tylorstown and if u go to llan pub there s a picture in the bar


  6. My dad and his friends used to go up there in the 60’s and roast marshmallows when they used to camp up there, hottest winters ever he said.


  7. It’s obviously not a volcano but a slag heap that just happens to have have the same shape.
    It derived its name “old smoky “ because a whisp of steam generated by a small amount of internal combustion in the tip would be visible in colder weather.


    • Actually I think the photo proves it’s a volcano, don’t me so dismissive Jery, you really need to broaden your mind.


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