Suspicious Driver Apprehended by Police For Following Rhondda Bus

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A man from Tylorstown is helping police with their enquiries tonight, after his suspicious behavior was reported by a quick thinking Rhondda bus driver.

Dale Turner, who drives one of Stagecoach’s new Fango Dango WiFi Gold 132 buses, noticed the same car had been following his bus for several hours earlier today, stopping and waiting behind the bus while he stopped to let passengers on and off. Dale told my Rhondda News, “I noticed the same car following me all day, and whenever I stopped, he stopped. I was a little bit worried he was one of those terrorists or something so I called the police.”

The police were quick to respond and immediately arrested Mr Chris Lovel from East Road, Tylorstown, and questioned him for several hours before letting him go.

Police Constable Catherine  Wheeler told us that they have let Mr Lovel off with a warning, and confiscated his laptop computer. It turns out that Mr Lovel was following the bus around, with his laptop connected to the internet via the bus’s WiFi connection and was downloading pirated films from dodgy internet sites.

“He’s lucky we didn’t do him for dangerous driving.” said Constable Wheeler, “He was driving around with his laptop open on the passenger seat while he pressed the buttons.”

Mr Lovel did not want to use his home internet connection to download dodgy films, as he had heard of people receiving letters from their Internet Service Provider (ISP), threatening them with court action if they did not cease downloading pirated material. So he hatched a plan to use Stagecoach’s internet connection to carry out his illegal activity, by connecting to the bus’s Wifi.

Last year, £4 million was  invested in 24 new 132 buses, each bus is kitted out with WiFi, USB charging ports and luxurious leather seats, making the journey from Maerdy to Cardiff more enjoyable for passengers.

A spokesman for Stagecoach told my Rhondda News that the new buses are not without their problems, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, since we’ve had these new buses, they are nearly always late. The drivers are too bloody careful with them, the WiFi antenna is in the wing mirrors you see and they’re being extra careful they don’t damage them going through the narrow streets.”

A survey conducted by My Rhondda News has shown that since the launch of the new Gold 132 buses last December, there are more teenagers travelling around on buses all day, especially those who don’t have an all you can eat data package on their mobile.

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  1. A likely story!!! How do the Police know he is not a Russian secret agent? Hacking into the council? After all that bus goes up to Maerdy, Little Moscow!!! Too naive the Police around here!Ok on skunk factories but no good on Russian spies!!


  2. So this guy was playing on a computer whilst driving … Got away with a warning , but using a mobile will get you a fine and soon 6 points which I agree with , so now its ok to use your lap top instead ???? Just asking !!!


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