Kodi Boxes Ruining Rhondda Broadband

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Towns in the Rhondda were once likened to the Satellite City that featured in Boyd Clack’s Sitcom of the same name, with every house sporting a Satellite Dish. But now those same satellite dishes are redundant as local people shun Sky TV and watch all the latest movies via a new piece of technology known as Kodi boxes.

These Kodi boxes connect to the internet and stream TV programs, movies and sport to people’s TVs.

The trouble is, Kodi boxes are ruining the Rhondda’s internet connection as local people max out their bandwidth while streaming high definition movies to their homes.

My Rhondda News asked a spokesman from BT Openworld, who look after the Rhondda’s Internet connection, what problem Kodi boxes are causing the industry, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, the cable is red hot,” he told us while holding the cable that connects the Rhondda’s exchanges to the rest of the internet, “It’s as if all people are doing is sitting at home watching movies and stuff.”

Mary Fringe from Blaenllechau told My Rhondda News, “Since half of Blaen have got a Kodi box, my internet has been rubbish, it takes me ages to look on Facebook now. I used to be on it and off it in a flash, but now I seem to be on it all night.”

The Kodi boxes are a seen as a cheap alternative to Sky TV, where instead of paying Sky a monthly subscription, local residents are paying a one off fee and saving tens, if not hundreds of pounds a year. But there is a hidden cost, as people use up all the Rhondda’s bandwidth while streaming using Kodi, there is not much room in the cable for other internet stuff, like Facebook and shopping and dating sites.

40 something divorcee, Malcolm Macdonald from Porth is putting the crap internet signal down to his lack of luck with the ladies, “Since everyone I know in Porth has got a Kodi box, I’ve literally had zero Tinder likes, probably because theres no room on the internet cable for them to get through to me.”

Do you use a Kodi box? My Rhondda News would love to hear about your experience with them, or tell us if your internet is crap or not. Please comment below.

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  1. Can’t believe what I have just read. “40 something divorcee is putting is lack of luck down to crap internet signal because of the lack of likes on tinder.” Apart from the fact a like on tinder would take up a minuscule of broadband, what about when the majority of people are in bed and the bandwidth isn’t being taken up with streaming, any likes he has would come through then.


  2. There is no such thing as a kodi box, kodi is open source software that is freely available to download and use on a number of different platforms. Kodi can be installed on a pc, mobile phone, android box or even an Amazon firestick. It’s not kodi that is ruining the internet of the valleys but the ILLEGAL 3rd party addons that people have installed on top of kodi.


    • Thank feck for people like you, “open source” you say. Well bugger me, you are like my digital hero. LISTEN MR GATES, I’VE GOT A KODI BOX. END OF.


  3. People need to stop watching TV so much. Do something educational instead of staring at the idiot box like reading, learning a new skill etc


  4. I blame the council they should have put thicker wires in. It’s never been the same since they took the Redifusion switches off the window sills!


  5. If sky subscription wasn’t so expensive then maybe people wouldn’t need to use these so called “kodi” boxes.
    My sky bill is £162 every month! More fool me for paying it!


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