Rhondda Man sells Five Pound Note for £843

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A man from the Rhondda has sold a new five pound note on eBay for a whopping £843. Phillip Gill from Maerdy decided to jump on the bandwagon and try to sell five pound notes on eBay, just like everybody else is these days, and came up trumps when a rich Arab prince spotted his note for sale.

Mr Gill thought he’d take a chance and try and sell his note with the serial number beginning with AL06 on the online auction site, hoping that Alob was someone’s name.

Prince Alob Ibiegz of the little known Arabic state of Mararabia, was browsing ebay for some AK47 guns for his army, but his search brought up lots of five pound notes for sale, most of which had the serial number AK47 on them, and then he spotted one for sale with the serial number AL06 161392, which looks a bit like Alob Ibiegz. So, as he was a bit flush, he decided to meet the starting bid of £843.

Mr Gill said, “It’s mental, I only stuck it up there for a bit of a laugh, I didn’t think anyone would really pay 843 quid for it, I wish I’d put it on for more now.”

Mr Gill went on to tell us that he had already sold two other five pound notes last week, “I knew my luck was in when I sold two fivers last week to my mates Dai Matthews and Dai Jones, I had two fivers with the numbers DA1 on them, so they snapped them up for £5.10 each.” He also has a note with a serial number that looks a little like the word Amen, but he’s not selling this one yet, he’s going to keep it for when he’s down on his luck.

A Spokesman from the Bank of England told My Rhondda News, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, bank notes have always had serial numbers on them, so what’s so special about the new fivers? Back in the 1970s Bob Carolgees from Spit the Dog, used to collect pound notes that had serial numbers starting with B08, if I remember correctly he came across several of them.”

Have you spotted your name on a bank note? We’d love to here about it, leave your comments below.

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  1. I got a mate to took a picture of an upsidedown £5er and stuck on eBay as “a rare and valuable misprint” and he got £500 for it.
    some people got more money than sense!


  2. I have one with 007 on it and have offered it to MI5.I had a message back saying don’t stand near any windows or go out of the house!So looks like a good Christmas cracker for me!


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