Man Injured By Falling Sheep at Porth Medical Centre

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A Rhondda man has been injured by a falling sheep as he left The Pont Newydd Medical Centre in Porth.

Hayden Shepherd of Rickards Street, Porth, was leaving the medical centre following a routine blood test when he was hit on the head by a falling sheep. The sheep was one of a small herd that had been living on the roof of the building in an attempt by the building owners to keep the grass growth under control.

Mr Shepard’s injuries are not thought to be life threatening thanks to quick thinking by medical centre staff, who spotted a cancellation in the surgery’s appointment book and he only had to wait 35 minutes to see a doctor.

Unfortunately Mary the sheep died instantly at the scene.

The Medical Centre has been designed to be eco-friendly and has a natural, living, green roof made from sedum which provides important microclimates for insects, bird life and other species including sheep. The green roof also significantly reduces the need for air conditioning and provides a degree of insulation in winter.

Spokesperson, Barbara Shaun from the NHS Trust said, “The Health and Safety Executive have looked into the issue, and we (The Trust) were found not to be at fault. However, they have told us that we must put a sheep pen on the roof to stop them wandering off the edge.”

The ex-caretaker of the medical centre, Jeffrey Shears who used to mow the roof and was made redundant earlier in the year, told My Rhondda News, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, this was an accident waiting to happen. I told them before I left that they needed to erect a fence or someone would get hurt.”

Mr Shears continued, “Thing is it’s false economy, since letting me go, they’ve had to employ someone to pick up all the sheep shit.”

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  1. I live in Rickards Street but don’t know anyone of that name.
    I’m sure if this was real he would have been by a doctor immediately.
    I’d love to know how the sheep got on the roof in the first place.


  2. This is a great story, I’m just hoping ewe all didn’t fall for it cos you all know it’s ram-ming in the doctors and ewe got to wait longer than 35 minutes to see Dr.Lamb….!!!!


  3. I blame the council anybody else would put goats up there they are far more agile than sheep!Never heard of goats falling on people up the Great Orme in Llandudno!!


  4. I thought I saw a great white ball of wool on top of Mr Shepherd as I past! Rest his soul. I do hope the other sheep are going to get down ok, I’m proper worried about them now like see. I’ll phone the farmer now 🐑🐏🐐😳


  5. I was in the surgery on Monday and did not see any falling sheep thank goodness, but I did notice a few flying pigs.


  6. Texel sorts to make a world but people must be thinking g what Suffolk is gong on. I can only hope the rest don’t Llyn over the edge and fall off as well.


  7. Haha Shepherd sheep wat a laugh ewe must be barrkink to fall for that you. Can’t pull the wool over my eyes that’s my health center you baaaad boys ewe


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