Treorchy Factory Worker Bores Colleagues With Same Story He Told Last Year

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As we all know, the position of the Earth in space causes shortening of daylight hours in winter for the northern hemisphere, and as we also know this happens every single year. But that hasn’t stopped one factory worker from Treorchy feeling the need to tell every single one of his colleagues about his shock and amazement that this global phenomenon is happening once again.

Thomas Lloyd, who funnily enough works at the Thomas Lloyd facility in Treorchy, has spent most of the morning, telling his colleagues how dark it was when he woke up this morning.

Mr Lloyd has bored his co-workers silly this morning with phrases like, “My Alarm went off at six and it was still dark, I couldn’t believe it.”, and “It didn’t even start getting light until I was halfway here.”
He was even overheard telling one man in the toilet, “…and it’s going to get even worse as winter comes closer.”

Housewives’ favourite professor, Brian Cox, told My Rhondda News, “There’s no shame in what Mr Lloyd is doing, this sort of behavior is common place this time of year, along with people complaining about the traffic levels because the school holidays are over.” The quirky professor went on to tell us this sort of behaviour will get more bearable over the next few days, but will go mental again when the clocks go back.

Mr Lloyd’s workmates told us as annoying as this is, it’s a welcome break from his usual ramblings about the weather.

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  1. My butty Tommy says the same about the Police every time has sees one.”They are getting younger every day he looks about 12″ .The annoying thing is it usually a Scout who is 12 !!!


  2. I tell you what does my edd in.
    When it’s dark when you go to work and it’s dark when you go home. That won’t be long now


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