Ton-Pentre Man in Black Bin Bag Neighbour Spat

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A man from Ton-Pentre has put his black bin bags out on the wrong week on purpose to fool his neighbours into putting theirs out just because he is fed up with them following his lead.

61 year old Tommy Thompson of Matexa Street, told My Rhondda News,  “I’m absolutely sick to the teeth of my neighbours waiting to see if I put out my black bags or not just because they’re too lazy to find out if it’s black bag week or not.”

Stupid Arse
Tommy’s neighbour, Harry Jones rushed into the street to confront the bin men when they didn’t take his black bags, only to be told he had the wrong week. “I felt like a right tit”, said Harry, “I thought it was black bin week ‘cos Tommy had put his out last night, the stupid arse. I thought he was supposed to know about these sort of things.”

Mr Jones, was unaware that Tommy had put his bags out on the wrong week on purpose, “That’ll teach the short little git”, a smirking Tommy told us, “perhaps now he’ll try and find out about this sort of thing for himself instead of copying me.”

After the bin men left the street, a further eight neighbours’ black bin bags remained uncollected.  Mr Jones’ black bags remained outside his house for a full week until it was black bin bag week, and the bin men took them away without any issues.

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  1. surely, if you don’t know when black bag week is, put ’em out every week. the wombles will either take them, or leave them there until next week.


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