Rhondda To Get Own Open Top Bus Parade

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Following on from the jubilant scenes in Cardiff on Friday, as the heroic Welsh team were paraded through the streets of the capital on an open top bus, The Rhondda is to get its own victory parade in September.

But who will be on that bus as it travels from Maerdy to Porth?  It won’t be Aaron Ramsey or Gareth Bale, but one thing we do know is it will be a woman.

Keep the date, September 10th in your diary, because following the announcement of the winner of the Conservative Party leadership race on September 9th, the winner will be paraded throughout the streets of the Rhondda in a victory parade on an open top bus.

Either Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom, will be the next Tory prime minister, and due to the strong connections between the last female Tory Prime Minister and the Rhondda, the Conservatives believe the Tory voting Rhondda public deserve this spectacle to bring back memories of the late great Maggie Thatcher who did so much for the valleys.

Corrington Jones, founder of the Maerdy Rhondda Tory Society said, “The UK hasn’t enjoyed the leadership of a female Tory Prime Minister since the Iron Lady resigned in 1990, and what better way to say thanks to the Rhondda Tories than allowing the Rhondda to be the first constituency to see our new leader.”

The open top bus parade will start from the site of the now demolished Maerdy colliery, and drive straight down the A4233 very very fast through Maerdy, Ferndale, Tylorstown, and then on to the bypass to Porth.

Local shops and business are hoping to cash in on the parade and are already stocking up on flags, bunting, eggs and pea shooters.

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  1. This is outrageous if anyone should have a bus it must be Leanne Wood!! Look what she has done for the Rhondda!!


  2. It’s a damn shame that Bristol Beat is no longer with us. I’m sure Beaty would have given the same welcome as she did Maggie Thatcher…..that landed her a 3 month prison sentence.


  3. What a jolly good idea by our Conservative government, I will be there waving my flag enthusiastically as a true blue voter. I look forward to a jolly spiffing day at the Rhondda heritage park with some other Conservative chums…There Will be plenty of Vol au vents munched and Pimms drank that day amongst us – Can’t wait. Toppo, What.

    Hooray for the Rhondda Conservatives.


  4. In the end, all 7 Rhondda Tories turned out to line the route, waving their blue flags and shouting popular Tory slogans like “f*ck the miners” and “screw the economy”. Leanne Wood apparently raised the issue in First Ministers Question Time in the Assembly that in fact there were only 6 Tory voters in the Rhondda and the seventh bloke thought he was cheering the Brexit Bus, and can Wales please have the £350M each week after we leave that toxic self-serving club from Brussels.


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