Ill Informed Rhondda Women Admits Voting Leave By Mistake

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Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, on one of the most dramatic days in political history, My Rhondda News has learned that one women from the Rhondda was ill informed when she made her choice at the polling station.

Cheryl Dap, 54 of Treherbert, voted to leave the EU because she was fed up of all the football on the TV at the moment, “I was tamping that Emmerdale wasn’t on because ITV was showing football instead, so I voted to leave Europe so that Wales wouldn’t be in it no more.”

Mrs Dap went on to tell us how embarrassed she was that she voted leave by mistake, “I’m thick as shit me, to think I made a decision based on thinking it was to do with the football. Luckily it was only me, at least everyone else never voted the wrong way ‘cos they were a bit dopey like me.”

We asked Andrew Smith from the Rhondda Stronger in Europe campaign group what his group’s reaction was to Mrs Dap’s misunderstanding, “To be honest, one person getting it wrong is not a problem, over 15 million people voted to leave, and there’s no way they are all as thick as Mrs Dap.”

Mrs Dap’s husband, Mr Dap, told us, “She’s not the brightest if I’m honest, I taped Emmerdale for her but she doesn’t know how to use Sky plus,” he laughed, “maybe if she did we’d still be in the EU.”

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  1. i voted to leave im 60 years old. for someone to say she voted to leave by mistake, yeah right well i Voted too leave and i remain with my Vote to leave.Thick here too..


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