Wattstown Man Gets New Car and He Makes Sure Everyone Knows About It.

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A man from Wattstown has taken delivery of a brand new car and has told everybody in his Street about it at least twice.

Dafydd Thomas, 47 of Pleasant View, recently took delivery of a new Nissan Juke,  and has virtually not set foot inside his house since he bought it.

Instead, he spends the majority of his time either standing on his door step admiring his new car, telling passing neighbours all about it or walking the length of his street looking for unsuspecting neighbours that he can strike up a conversation with that he’ll inevitably change the subject of to talk about his pride and joy.

Neighbour, John Holloway told us,  “He’s a right pain in the neck,  the other day I was washing my car, and along he comes telling me how he only uses special expensive car shampoo on his new car. He’s probably bought it on tick anyway.”

Recently widowed, Mary Jayne Hitlow, also of Pleasant View said, ” Dafydd asked me the other day how I was coping after the loss of my Sydney,  and before I could answer him he told me that life goes on and I should get a new car like his, then he made me sit in it and listen to his new sound system and showed me the sat nav.”

Mr Thomas’s next door neighbour, Jimmy Jones had to be physically restrained from punching Mr Thomas,  after Mr Thomas knocked his door at 10pm asking him to move his car down the street a bit to make room for the new car as it needed to be parked outside his house as it was new.  “He’s a twatting twat”,  Mr Jones said.

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  1. I got a Aston Martin DB8 and live in Rhyd. I get people coming out and chucking stones and other stuff at me when I drive around revving and smoking the rubber. What’s wrong with people in the Valleys !!!


  2. My mate Kevin from Dinas has painted a helicopter landing pad in his back for the same reason to show off! But when I told him the CIA could see it ha covers it up in the day to hide it !!


  3. My neighbor got his 1 year old car written off last night by an idiot! Parked in the street he was in the house. Two innocent cars written off and the drivers own car gone. (allowing it was actually HIS car in the first place! ).


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