Stubborn Rhonnda UKIP Voters Deny Spelling Mistake

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Rhonnda based UKIP supporters are adamant that the correct spelling of Rhonnda is in fact Rhonnda and the rest of the whole wide world have been spelling it wrong for years, including our very own My Rhonnda News.

The misspelling revelation came to light earlier today, following the delivery of thousands of UKIP leaflets to Rhonnda homes which featured the word Rhonnda.

Local historian and UKIP voter, Donald Palin told My Rhonnda News, “I was as surprised as the next man to learn that me and everyone else had been spelling it wrong for years, but it must be true if it’s on the UKIP leaflet.”

Benito White, who owns a local sign writing business, supplying signs to Rhonnda shops and businesses said, “I’m tamping, they could have told me sooner. When I first heard about it I didn’t believe it, I had to get my leaflet out of the bin to read it for myself.”

My Rhonnda News, who are known for being first for breaking Rhonnda news, are the first news organisation to change their name to reflect the correct spelling.

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One comment

  1. It is the Rhondda its always been the Rhondda If people cannot spell it right that is they problem but it will REMAIN The Rhondda. Cant help it if people are a tad thick can we 🙂


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