Assembly Election Exclusive: Plaid, Lib Dems and Labour Struggle to Match Conservative Leader’s Catchy Nickname

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Three of the main political parties vying for control of the Assembly in next month’s elections are worried that they have missed the boat when it comes to finding a catchy nickname for their respective leaders.

My Rhondda News has learned of turmoil within the Labour, Plaid and Lib Dem camps where dozens and dozens of advisors and officials have been holding emergency meetings and brainstorming sessions to try and come up with a nickname for their leaders that the voters can relate to.

Just like the popular, late, world champion snooker player Alex Higgins, who was known to all his adoring fans as Alex “Hurricane” Higgins (a nickname that encapsulated everything about the star’s style of playing), the Conservatives are feeling pretty confident that their leader Andrew Davies’ catchy and affectionate nickname Andrew “Arty” Davies will appeal to the many voters in Wales who are a little bit arty.

Rhondda amatuer artist and swing voter, Richard Felt of Porth told us, “The Conservatives will be getting my vote this time, I love art, and Andrew’s catchy nickname seals the deal as far as I’m concerned really.”

Maerdy born, ex-minor, Stephen Ifans said, “I thought I’d never vote conservative, but to be honest that nickname has nearly swung me. When I say nearly, I’d still vote for a bucket full of farts before I voted for that lot but it is a good name at the end of the day.”

A spokesman for The Conservatives told us, “We employed the best public relations experts money could buy to help come up with the name, and we are very happy with the results, after all Andrew likes Art and is pretty good at drawing.

The best the rest of the parties have come up with so far isn’t nowhere as good as Arty, so the entire election result could come down to a catchy nickname, especially in a highly contested swing constituency like the Rhondda.

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