Maerdy Family’s Ant and Dec Sofa Mix Up

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The ITV series Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, has caused much confusion and led to two nights spent on a mountain for one Maerdy family.

As part of the popular variety show, four couches are placed at mystery sites throughout the UK, if viewers find one of couches they can win a prize if they are sitting on it when the show goes out live.

Last year My Rhondda News reported (link to story here) that the council was urging fly tippers to be more tidy when dumping unwanted furniture so it could be used by walkers and people enjoying our valleys’ beautiful views. But it looks like this council initiative has caused much embarrassment and inconvenience for the Walker family from Maerdy who spent Friday and Saturday night sitting on a dumped sofa overlooking Ferndale.”

Denise Walker, of Richard Street said, “I could bloody murder him really,” talking about her husband Dale, “we was up there for nearly two days ‘cos of him.”

It turns out that Mr Walker had spotted a dumped sofa while driving towards Llanwonno on Friday and thought it was part of the popular duo’s TV show, “I couldn’t believe my luck, I was on my way to work and saw the settee so called in sick.”, he told us, “I then got the wife and kids, some blankets, a bucket, some chicken drumsticks and pringles, and then we just waited.”

My Rhondda News tweeted Ant or Dec and asked them if they had any thoughts on the Walker’s misfortune, but neither of have replied yet.

Mr Walker went on to tell us that he blames the council for wasting his and his family’s time, and won’t be voting for them again.

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  1. My husband went out for a packet of frozen peas 5 years ago and I have n’t seen him since! He could be still sitting on a setee now up the mountain! I blame the BBC !!!


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