Council Plan to Make Valley Wind Farms Less Of An Eyesore

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The Wind Turbines around the Rhondda are set for a change, a change for the better for residents who think they are an eyesore.

My Rhondda News has found evidence that the Rhondda is set to be the first area in the world to make use of a new technology aimed at making wind turbines almost invisible.

Iced Iced Baby
The new technology called, Invisible Chameleon Energy Deco, or ICED for short, is set to be installed on the Rhondda Wind Farm between Ystrad (Rhondda) and Ferndale. ICED is a special thin covering that is applied to the blades and towers of the wind turbine and once applied and powered up, the ICED material will change colour depending on the weather.

Blue Sky Thinking
This means, that when we have a fine day with crystal clear blue skies, the wind turbines will change to the exact same colour of the sky. Likewise, when it is cloudy, ICED will change the turbine colour to match the clouds, whether white, grey or black.

windmill2Councillor Adam North told us, “This technology is a major breakthrough, and once again the Rhondda is proud to be at the forefront of new innovations. When residents of the Rhondda look up at the wind farm the turbines will be practically invisible to them.”

Self Sufficient
Apparently, as ICED needs power to work, all the power ICED needs will be taken directly from the wind farm itself, making ICED fully self sufficient. Councillor North went on to tell us that on a windy day, ICED will only use 87% of the power generated by the turbines.



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  1. All these wind farms are a total waste of taxpayer’s money. It’s bad enough with climate change making the weather stormier, without all these things making more wind. Time to shut them down I say.


  2. The Rhondda mountains all began to look boring and the wind-farms made a nice change to the scenery I think, I always thought that by adding planks of wood to the blades would have made them look pretty like the windmills in Holland but the councils new plan is also very good – Full credit to them I say.

    I have had solar panels fitted to my roof and the cost of my electric has gone down a little. I think the council should cut down all the trees on Glyncornel and Penrhys mountains and fully cover them with solar panels. If I could save a tenner a week by them doing that on my electric bill it would be more than worth it.

    Come on RCT Council we have to change with the times and you know it makes financial sense.


  3. Use only 87% of the output on a windy day! If this is true then contributes very little to national grid. This doesn’t make sense to me.


  4. It’s never made sense because of two facts, the only people benefiting financially are the landowners and when the blades are not turning they are not earning as the energy they produce cannot be stored


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