Rhondda Family’s Cancer Charity Shame

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A Rhondda family has been accused of cheating a charity out of money, by buying one charity wrist band and then pretending that they had all bought one each.

The Bryans of Brithweunydd Rd, Tonypandy purchased just one Unity Band™ from the Movember Cancer Charity website for £2, and used that band for over a dozen family member’s Facebook profile photos on World Cancer Day.

Suspicions were aroused when someone noticed that nearly all of the Bryans had updated their profile photos within an hour of each other. Their new profile photos all featured the same wrist band worn on each of their wrists, but what they hadn’t bargained for was that the youngest member of the family, Tyron Bryan 11, had etched his initials into the band thinking it was just for him. The initials were clearly visible in every photo they put on Facebook.

A neighbour of the Bryans, Mrs Edith Jones told us, “I thought something fishy was going on, because I saw Ryan Bryan who lives a few streets away arriving in a car with his wife and 2 children, and then half hour later all their profiles pictures had changed.”

There were also tears at playtime in the local school, when a fight broke out between cousins Tyron and Terry Bryan who each claimed the band was theirs.

Unity Bands™ were being sold to mark World Cancer Day on 4th February, several leading cancer charities, including Movember joined forces to unite the nation and show that together we CAN do something about cancer.

Supporter of Movember, Ceri Jones of Ferndale, who has close ties to the charity told us, “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, but at least they bought one, I suppose they’ve helped get the message out there really”

The bands and other merchandise can be found on sale from the Movember Online Store (https://uk.shop.movember.com/products)

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