Same Vase Spotted as Prize in Several Merthyr Raffles

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The same shite vase has been spotted as a prize in several raffles over the last month in various Christmas fetes and fayres around the Merthyr Area.

The so called vase, which performs no function at all and looks shite, was first spotted as a raffle prize at the Aberfan & Merthyr Vale Christmas Fayre, and since then has been seen as a prize in four other raffles, including the Merthyr RFC Children’s Christmas Party. It appears that anyone who has won the vase as a prize has simply passed it on to another raffle almost immediately.

Merthyr RFC
John James from Merthyr RFC who also works for Merthyr Tydfil Council at the Civic Centre, brought this to our attention after seeing the vase won in the rugby club’s Christmas party and then receiving it as a gift in his office Secret Santa.

John told us, “I was furious, it’s a good job it’s called Secret Santa really, ‘cos if I find out who gave it to me they can look out. I spent £7.50 on a quite funny novelty mug and all I got in return was this crappy vase from some cheapskate.”

£1 Lucky Black Bag Deal
My Rhondda News has followed the raffle trail back to a charity shop in Ferndale, Rhondda where the vase was bought as part of a £1 Lucky Black Bag Deal, but before this the trail goes dead.

Do you know anything about the vase’s history? Please comment below if you know the origins of this vase that has brought misery to so many raffle winners.
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  1. That’s the same Vase that my Uncle won as fifth prize in the Xmas raffle in the Lewis Merthyr club in Porth back in 1973. Not to offend anyone he took the prize with a smile. He deliberately left it on the back seat of the Treherbert bus on his way home blotto. Maybe someone working down Porth Bus Depot knows what happened to it next?.


  2. I have seen that vase in the V & A in London its a wonderful example of post Modernist Art Decco glaze. The trouble with people around here is they do n’t appreciate Fine Art. So I’m going up to Merthyr to buy it and put it in my front passage alongisde my replica Neil Jenkins rugby boot !!!


  3. That so-called vase looks like the ashtray my mate’s wife made at her pottery class in Ponty. When she realised that it was almost impossible to empty out the fag ends she put it a bin liner with other unwanted household items and left it in the doorway of a charity shop.


  4. Well I check all the charity shops in Ponty everyday and it’s amazing what some people give away. Only last week I picked up a lovely Picasso painting and a scale model of the Hindenberg!! My mate got a lovely First World War tea urn. So it pays to look around your local charity shops. Some people say there are too many in Ponty, I say open more! There’s treasure in somebody’s shed !!


  5. I found a Ming bowl, a silver samovar belonging to Catherine the Great and one of Sir Francis Drake’s crown bowls set. Never seen that shite vase before though, expect it’ll turn up soon.


  6. My mate from Ogmore Vale has a meteorite he found up the Bwlch in the top layby. It has Cola on the bottom which makes even more valueable !


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