Rhondda Shop Targets More Affluent Clientele With £2 Coin Trolley Plan In Attempt To Sell Lobster Stock

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A well known frozen food shop in Dinas, near Porth, is modifying its trolleys to only accept £2 coins in an attempt to attract more middle class customers.

The shop is trying to change it’s appearance by attracting people with a bit more money to try and get rid of the excess lobster stock bought during the summer.

“Thing is,” said shop manager Henry Goat, “normal people don’t buy lobster as they don’t know what to do with it, so we have to attract the posher Rhondda types, who also don’t know what to do it, but they just buy it to look posher at the checkout.”

We asked why they thought the £2 coin trolley plan will attract a more middle class person, they told us that only the posher people of the Rhondda carry £2 coins around with them, as the more traditional Rhondda person doesn’t like to use £2 coins as they are either keeping them to save in a jar, or know someone who is.

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  1. My posh neighbours went there with a £2 coin and bought some. Left it for us to see on the kitchen window !! Anyway, we got a £2 coin and we’re going to get some stuff called pate. Posher than the Shiphams they got !!


  2. I`m also going up there tomorrow with a £2 coin. I hear they are selling something called Noilly Prat for £5 a bottle after customers cocked their noses at it for double the price.


  3. I went up there to get some Beluga caviar but they did not have any!! What is going on? I asked the Manager why and he said ” We have kippers they are similar” So much for the £2 coin !!! I’m sticking to the 99 p shop in Pontypridd they have not got any trolleys !!!! BUT you can get Shipams caviar there!!!


  4. so ordinary shoppers (who are the main customer base)are not quite good enough it seems…or intelligent enough to know how to cook lobster or read up on the instructions😠 previous comments made me laugh😂😂😂


  5. I am proud to be working class and i refuse to pay the new inflated £2. I am going down there This afternoon to speak to the manager. I will carry four baskets instead as a way of protesting and other people of the Rhondda should do the Same….Bloody gits.


  6. Is Farmfoods loseing their marbles, a £2 coin or a £1 coin does not make a difference to what clientelle you get, rich people are rich because they like to hang on to their cash, as for being Posh, come on, this is the Valleys, if anybody thinks they are a cut above others they are delusional, we are working class in the valleys and proud of it, as for not knowing what to do with Lobster, it is precooked, you crack the shell open and eat the flesh inside, you don’t need a degree to do that, so get a grip farmfoods take away the use of coins to get a trolly, that way people might do a bigger shop as some people don’t carry cash…


  7. Even Harrods in London do n’t have £2 trollies so I’m going up there to do my shopping it’s only £5 on the Mega bus!! I know it will take a bit longer but I’m not getting ripped off by any supermaket!


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