Rhondda School Girl Bullied Because Of Her Name

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Abigail Jones from Porth has been bullied in school all week, simply for being called Abigail.

The bullying started following the Met Office’s decision to be all American and start naming storms, and the first named storm to hit Britain this week was Storm Abigail.

Why Me?
Abigail, age 12, of Porth County School was pretty fed up by Wednesday of this week, as all her school mates took great pleasure in calling her names, like “Windy Windy Abigail”. Abigail told us, “I was pretty fed up of all the name calling really, why did they have to pick my name?”

Brendan Smith also of Porth County school said, “I’m shitting myself really, what with having a name that starts with B, it could be me next.”

Storm Gayle
My Rhondda News has learned that Brendan is right to be worried, as an insider at the Met Office has leaked to us the names of the next storms, they are: Brendan, Chantelle, Dai, Edith, Faatimah and Gayle.

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  1. People of the Rhondda need to support Abigail during this stormy stage of her life, people such as Alex Hurricane Higgins and Jimmy Whirlwind White turned to alcohol and drugs because of their weather related names and suffered similar taunting.

    Be strong Abigail and everyting will soon blow over.


  2. i was bullied for my name, of corse its summer Ireland people get over it, their just low life scums who have nothing better to do


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