Council Urges Fly Tippers To Be More Tidy

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Following a failure to stop fly tipping in the Rhondda, the council have decided to meet the fly tippers half way and have come up with a solution that will benefit all parties.

Fly tipping is a crime and involves bone idle low life scumbags driving several miles out of their way, usually past a council run tip, to deserted roads on top of the hills and dumping their household rubbish.

The council are asking fly tippers to be a little bit more tidy when they dump large items of furniture, such as sofas, and want them to arrange furniture in such a way that it looks nice and can be used by members of the public, such as ramblers or people having a break from using their off road motor bikes.

The council believe that if furniture, such as old dining tables and chairs for example, are dumped at local beauty spots overlooking the gorgeous valley scenery, then they will have to spend less taxpayers money on things like picnic benches and seating.

Council Tax Rebate
In return for the more thoughtful fly tipping the council are offering to turn a blind eye to the crime, and depending on the quality of the items dumped may even offer offenders a council tax rebate.

Any flytippers are urged to contact the council if they intend to dump any furniture, telling the officials exactly when and where they intend to fly tip so that a council official can judge the quality of the furniture being dumped and issue a council tax rebate on the spot.

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  1. Well if there wasn’t a 6 week wait for bulky item collection by the council people might be less inclined to fly tip


  2. Where can I get the number from to contact the council, I going fly tipping this weekend and have some quite nice stuff really?


  3. Me and the wife love the new idea, we just took our old cream leather three piece and a forty inch telly and dumped them in the picnic area up the new road near Gelli, good picture on the telly but sadly the remote does not work.


  4. Ah, but to be fair …. maybe the remote control wasn’t working before you dumped the t.v., settee, etc. Maybe just a dead battery, or general reception on the mountain? Honestly don’t reckon we can blame the “Council” for this one…


  5. For any serious ‘Fly tippers’ fly harnesses, bridles etc. are now available direct from the Rhondda branch of the British entomological society in a wide variety of sizes.


  6. Anyone know any beauty spots in the rhondda where i can find dumped polystyrene and an old pushchair? My son likes to pretend its snow but does not like to walk far.


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