Rhondda Bonfire Revellers Told To Stick To One Night

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The Council have told residents this morning that, following a successful petition from pet owners and miserable people, they must ALL agree on a date to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night.

From now on it will be illegal to set off fireworks or light bonfires on any date other than the date agreed in an upcoming Rhondda Referendum.

At it Again
The move follows complaints about people celebrating the occasion every night from the 1st to the 7th of November. A spokesman for the council said, “This year it’s been absolutely ridiculous really, we’ve had fireworks going off for several nights on the run, and I expect they’ll be at it again tonight.”

One Day
Pet lover, Carolyn Halliday told My Rhondda News, “We have had eight days of fireworks and a dog going crazy, please stick to one day.”

The Council have told us that the referendum will probably be in the spring next year, and the public will be able to choose from the following days to celebrate Bonfire Night…

  • Halloween
  • 1st Saturday in November
  • 2nd Saturday in November
  • The nearest Saturday to the day the clocks go back in October

The results of the referendum will be final, and anyone setting off fireworks on any other date will be fined.

Firework fan, Clive Clifton of Llwynypia told us, “At the end of the day I’ll set off my fireworks when I like, morning, noon or night.  I’m not stopping for no-one really.”

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  1. It’s about time that something is done about this its a nightmare every year we get this and it starts before Halloween and go see on till the new year .


  2. “miserable people” – really? I used to love fireworks/bonfire night. NIGHT being the operative word here. Just keep it to one night. The general public shouldn’t have access to fireworks if they are going to be disruptive and disrespectful about it. The amount of burnt out rockets strewn about the streets and in my garden. Under 18’s, somehow with their hands on fireworks, setting them off in streets and aiming them at people.
    It’s distressing for animals – I had to watch my dog get so distressed the other night that he actually vomited. It’s disruptive for families with young children/babies trying to sleep. I just wish people had more respect for others; rather than being ignorant narcissists.


  3. The fireworks have been going off since before Halloween here in Williamstown and are still going off and I and others are sick to death of it and it probably won’t end until after the New Year, it’s absolutely disgusting going on until gone midnight.


  4. Fireworks are great fun and I buy six boxes of the industrial strength ones every year, I let them off on Xmas, Family Birthdays, New years eve, and even Ducking-apple-day. It’s also a good way of getting my own back at the local dog owners that allow their dogs to crap on the pavement outside my house.


  5. About time animals suffer.old people are scared.and ex soldiers are traumatised. Fireworks are lasting longer and louder now than ever. So I agree 1 day only. And new year.


  6. I think that fireworks should be displays only or sold to the public a handful per customer and no more people who let them off all the time obviously don’t have children or pets even elderly people are affraid it upsets them think of other people for a change not yourself


  7. I totally agree with Will. I think every time a dog shits outside my door , I should be allowed to light a sparkler – that will teach them.


  8. Why not stick to November the 5th. Also maybe place restrictions on who can fire industrial standard fireworks – perhaps restrict them to official displays. However, isn’t it possible to have fireworks that do not case problems. However these are probably thought of as too tame!


  9. I understand the concerns around fireworks and pets, fireworks are let off throughout the year. However, pet owners never seem to understand the problems they cause, walking their dogs around residential area. Even when they clear up poo there will always be something left behind, also dogs cock their legs up on garden walls and trees, especially my trees. Cats dirty everywhere and kill birds.
    Let’s have a vote to stop that.


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