Commuters Warned of Probable A470 Traffic Chaos.

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My Rhondda News has learned that traffic on the A470 for both the morning and evening commutes will probably be shite.

No exact dates have been given for the traffic being shite only that it can be expected.

We Know
Traffic Wales has decided just to issue a general warning about the probable upcoming traffic problems and not to provide motorists with any up to date information.  Instead the matrix signs will just simply say the words “We know“.

Mandated Vinos
Our Traffic Reporter, David Mandated-Vinos, has also found out that traffic on the A473 will probably by shite too. David told us, “Every single day, at all times of day, not just at peak traffic times, an inordinately long tailback will probably be experienced on the A473 approach to the Treforest junction onto the A470.”

Sad Smiley
Traffic Officials are scheduled to go on a course to learn how to get emoticons on to the matrix signs, and once the course is completed the matrix signs will show “We know :(”

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