Council Spend £150K on Advert

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In an attempt to attract more visitors to the valleys, Rhondda council have embarked on a novel way to reach more people – by advertising on the moon.

“Advertising on the moon is the next big thing”, said a spokesperson for the council, “the potential is yet be realised as the moon still gets more views than the most popular video on YouTube.”

The company, Mooners Co, uses the latest digital laser technology to display adverts on the moon. Dale Walkies from the company told us “this is a great opportunity for Rhondda, moon advertising has many applications. For instance, only the Rhondda will be able to view a certain part of the moon during the 3rd week of December – which is black bin bag week. Imagine a sign on the moon telling residents which colour bin bag to put out.”

Makes Sense Really
Cassandra Burke from Pontygwaith thinks the idea is tidy, “I am always forgetting which bin to put out and I always see the moon so it makes sense to me really.”

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  1. I don’t think the Council have given this enough thought, if it’s cloudy I’m not going to be able to read the reminder on the moon, that would mean my black bags will be left out for another two weeks with next doors dog p***ing all over them again. If it does happen I will pay to have my bags taken away privately and I will send the bill to Bronwydd House.


  2. Only just seen this story I’ve been down the van in Trecco. Everyboby thinks RCT is cr@p but they should get all credit for this great idea. They could all the bus times on it so at night you would not have to mess around with your phone trying to find Traveline Cymru you could just look at the moon!! Cracking idea!


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