Rhondda Entrepreneur Invents Bacon Flavoured E-Cigarette To Beat Cancer

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Following the devastating news today from the World Health Organisation (WHO), regarding processed meat probably being carcinogenic to humans, a Rhondda entrepreneur has come up with an idea to beat the bacon blues.

Rhondda Inventor and Ex-smoker, Theodopolis Evans, has invented the bacon flavoured e-cigarette, Theo told us “This kills two birds with one stone, it’s what every bacon loving smoker out there needs.”

Theo claims that unlike smoking and bacon, his device doesn’t give you cancer, and aims to have the device ready for distribution in time for Christmas, and hopes it’ll be on everyone’s Christmas list. “It’s the perfect gift for the person who you don’t know what to get.”, Theo added.

Public Opinion
We asked the people of the Rhondda what they thought of the news from the WHO today regarding bacon and other processed meat, Mary Jones from Ystrad (Rhondda not Mynach) said, “I’m definitely not eating bacon again for a while.”

“I couldn’t give a toss really” said Lewis Smith from Dinas, “I’m still going to eat it.”

“Didn’t they sing My Generation?”, said Jonathan Evans of Pentre.

While Brian Ryan of Ferndale told us, “You can’t even do nothing these days.”

Dragon’s Den
Theo Evans, was hoping to showcase his invention on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, but didn’t get on the programme.


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