Treorchy Official Abuses Powers In Order To Have Largest Bonfire

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My Rhondda News’ undercover reporter, Guy Catesby, has uncovered shocking evidence regarding a local environmental officer and his children’s bonfire.

James King 38, of Parliament Street Treorchy, has been combing the side streets of the Rhondda in his official council vehicle looking for children’s bonfires. When he finds these bonfires he accuses the children of flytipping and removes the wood and takes it to his own home, so his own children can have the largest bonfire in the Rhondda.

Massive Wood
Robert Fawkes, a neighbour of Mr King, told us, “I’ve often wondered where he gets all the wood from, every year he seems to have the biggest bonfire around, it’s absolutely ridiculous really.”

We interviewed some children, pictured above, who asked us to keep their identities secret. One of them told us the following about Mr King, “We were guarding the bonfire from raiders, and then he turned up in his van, and took all our wood, my sister was crying when he drove away.”

Our reporter, Guy Catesby, challenged Mr King about his underhand tactics, but Mr King denies any wrong doing.

We have passed our findings on to the police and the council.

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