NASA Find Dinosaur Killing Crater in Rhondda

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NASA has discovered some exciting news about what local Rhondda people call the Cwmparc Basin.

The Deep in-Space Climate Observatory (DISCO) orbiting telescope, which is used by NASA to photograph the Earth, has identified the Cwmparc Basin (pictured above) as the impact crater left by the giant asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Local historian, Quintus Rufus Jones of Aberdare said “This is absolutely brilliant news really, the Rhondda has always played an important part in history, but this just rewrites the books.”

It is also thought that the asteroid was made entirely of coal, and the impact not only wiped out our jurassic ancestors but was also the source of the South Wales valley’s coal seam.

Ex-minor, Ifor Ifans from Trehafod said “To think that something that wiped out so much life millions of years ago, eventually brought life back to the valleys, only for Thatcher to take it all away again.”

Morgan the Moon
Contrary to popular belief, NASA have also confirmed that Rhondda born Morgan the Moon was not actually the first man on the moon, as sung about by Max Boyce.

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