Maerdy Family Forced to Live in Cars

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A Rhondda family of 4, who own 4 vehicles and live on a terraced street have been forced into drastic measures in order to remain living on their own street.

The Thomas family of First Street, Maerdy have been forced to live in their vehicles in order to ensure they are parked as close to their own front door as possible.

Mr and Mrs Thomas and their 18 year old twin sons, Luke and Duke, were fed up with having to constantly move each others cars up and down the street to ensure they kept their parking spaces outside their house, so they decided to move out of their home, and live in their respective cars and camper van.

No Option
Mrs Thomas confirmed that living in her van was the only way she could prevent her neighbours parking outside her home. She said “Living in the van was the only option really, getting up to reposition vehicles early morning is no longer necessary, as soon as I hear someone moving their car, I can just jump in the front seat, park inconsiderately and get my head back down without having to step outside‎ really.”

The Thomas family home will soon be available to rent if anyone is interested.
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  1. Well how the hell can you get 4 cars outside one house i only got one car and i can’t manage it if you can afford 4 cars buy a house with your own land


  2. No one is entitled to a parking space, who do they think they are , Royalty….it is also illegal to live in a vehicle parked on a public road


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