Trim Up Too Early and Face Fine

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The council have re-invoked  an 18th century law in an attempt to stop Rhondda people putting up their Christmas decorations too early.

Tax Evasion
The law, which was originally brought in during the 18th Century, was used as a means to stop window tax evasion, by making it illegal to cover your window for more than 40 consecutive days.

Under this law, anyone who decorates their front windows for Halloween will not be able to decorate their window for Christmas for at least 40 days after. This means the earliest anyone could put up their decorations would be 10th December, which the council think is an acceptable date to trim up.

Ponty Lido
A spokesman for the council told us “It’s absolutely ridiculous really,  last year we had reports of people trimming up for Christmas on the 1st November. It’s just too early, Ponty Lido will still be open on that date.”

Len Goodman
Neville Level from the Rhondda Real Christmas Society, said “It looks awful, houses with painted windows depicting Dora the Explorer and Homer Simpsons, it’s not what Christmas is about. Last year a house in Ferndale even had the cast of Strictly Come Dancing in a nativity scene painted on their window, with Len Goodman in the manger.”

Already Trimmed
My Rhondda News has discovered that Mrs Sharon Darren, 29 from Cwmparc has already trimmed up for Christmas and Halloween. She started decorating 2 weeks ago, and has a Halloween design on one of her downstairs windows and a Christmas painting on the other.

We asked Mrs Darren what she thought about the new law, and she said “I had to put them up early to stop the kids nagging, I’m not taken them down now, I haven’t done nothing wrong really.”

The council said that they are not trying bring an end to the Rhondda tradition of painting windows.
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