New One Way System For Rhondda

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My Rhondda News has learned of an ambitious new one way system soon to be proposed by the council, that will affect all Rhondda residents.

31 Miles
The new proposed one way system will be 31 miles long and run north from Porth to Treherbert, continuing over the Rhigos mountain to Hirwaun, before returning to the Rhondda via Maerdy Mountain, then heading south back to Porth, following the length of the Rhondda Fach.

Councillors claim that the new project is essential for the growth of businesses in the valleys, ensuring that the main arteries of the Rhondda are not clogged, allowing traffic to flow freely.

The proposed new one way system route

Peak Times
Councillor Adam North said, “This may seem like an ambitious idea, but this will eliminate all the traffic bottlenecks in the Rhondda, especially at peak times. We know that this may cause residents’ round trips to be longer, but they will spend more time on the move and not stuck in jams.”

A to B
Jennifer Rush, 33 of Gelli said, “I can see the good and bad in this idea, I can travel from A to B faster without any traffic jams, but B to A is going to be a complete nightmare, especially if it has been snowing on the Rhigos.”

Absolutely Ridiculous
Mark Frame, from Porth said, “It’s Absolutely ridiculous really, if I want to go to Wattstown, I’ll have a round trip of 31 miles.”

Thumbs Up
John Stevenson, also from Porth told us, “It’s about time really, everyday I have to drive from Porth to Treorchy, drop my daughter off in Treorchy Comprehensive School, before heading over the Rhigos to Hirwaun for my job. After work,  I drive over Maerdy Mountain and visit my mate Dave in Ferndale before returning back to Porth. My daughter gets the train home, so it gets a big thumbs up from me really.”

The proposed changes are scheduled for early 2017, but first have to be passed by council town planners.
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