Rhondda Pub’s Fake Trip Advisor Review Mix Up

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A Rhondda Pub Landlord has spoken out about being accused of falsifying TripAdvisor reviews about his own pub.

Stephen Miley-Jones, proprietor of the Cock Inn, Penrhiwfer, had his TripAdvisor account suspended following accusations that he was creating all the entries himself.

“Tidy!” was a common review about his pub, which serves Sunday Carvery from 12 to 4pm every Sunday and bank holiday Mondays. In fact the review “Tidy!” had been posted 48 times, 12 times by a David Davies, 15 times by a David Jones, and 21 times by a David Evans.

“Having the same review so many times by people with the same name made TripAdvisor suspicious you see”, said Stephen 38, “but they’re all genuine. I really do know that many people called David, and they all think the pub is tidy like.”

After Stephen complained about his account being suspended and explained the situation, TripAdvisor re-enabled his account. “We cracked up when we realised what had happened”, said Stephen, “I think they (TripAdvisor) saw the funny side too really.”

Small Portions
Another Rhondda pub had a bad experience with TripAdvisor, the Whistle and Faggot Arms in Tynewydd, had the following review posted 219 times. “When our meal came over, I looked at the plate and thought what the heck was this the chips was overcooked and I was given very small portion for an adult meal. My husband peas looked overcooked. My children meals was only a very small portion only enough to Feed a baby not good enough for 3 hungry older kids. We also ask for sauces for our meals but by the time the waitress brought it over to us our chips was nearly all gone (that how small of a portion of chips were)” [sic]. Brian Davies, the landlord of the Faggot said, “I wouldn’t have minded really, but we don’t even serve food”.

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