Rhondda Moon Photo Record Attempt Fails

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Following the success of a Rhondda based Facebook group’s inadvertent record breaking photography attempt last week (as reported by My Rhondda News here), the same group have failed to get their moon photos into the record books.

On 29th September, a super moon was seen over the Rhondda, which coincided with a lunar eclipse. This phenomenon caused snap happy Rhondda residents to point their cameras skyward for the second time in a week in an attempt to get into the record books.

Super Moon
Last week they tasted success when the same rainbow was photographed 517 times, breaking the previous record of 42 by a long way, and earning a Guinness Record Book place for the Rhondda group. This week they tried to replicate that success by attempting to break the record for the most photographs taken by a single Facebook group of a super moon during an eclipse.

“I was so proud to be part of last week’s record,” said James Evans, 23 of Llwynypia, “but gutted to have missed out on this one, especially as I stayed up quite late really.”

Absolutely Ridiculous
Mary Fringe, 44, of Blaenllechau said “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, I had just posted a photo of my supper, and had to watch my Facebook post get pushed down so fast it only got 3 likes, just because of all the moon photos. My Tuesday supper usually gets at least 15 likes”

James Crump from Williamstown, who took several shots of the moon,  said, “I’m gutted, as a Record Breakers fan the thought of getting into the record books twice in the same week was awesome, can’t believe we missed out on it”.

Wrong Number
My Rhondda News contacted Guinness in an attempt to find out who actually broke the moon photograph record, but they told us they only sold beer and we had called the wrong number.
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