Council Bid to Rename Valleys

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My Rhondda News has discovered that local councillors are proposing to rename the Rhondda Fach.

If the councillors get their way, from 2017 the Rhondda Fach will be known simply as “The Other Valley”. Paving the way for the Rhondda Fawr to be renamed to “The Rhondda Valley”.

New road signs have already been made in anticipation of the name change, even though the decision has yet to be voted on. A vote will be held in November but only councillors from the Rhondda Fawr will be eligible to vote.

We asked Treorchy residents what they thought of the idea and they were 100 percent behind it, “Makes sense, that’s what we call it already really”, said Sarah Wedge, 44 from High Street.

A Ferndale councillor has confirmed there is similar plan in place for the Rhondda Fach.

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  1. Oh no! Not only have we left Europe, and the U.K. Will soon be factioned off, we got civil and guerilla warfare between the big and proper valley and the lesser poor relation valley…


  2. They dare!! Who the hell do these arse holes think they are? They are not elected to do these things.

    Why??? So that the ” other valley – Fawr can claim they are the only Rhondda valley. Piss Off.
    No way.
    I am seriously angry that Ferndale in the Rhondda Fach is no longer eligible for Christmas lights on their lampposts… I ask you???
    Come the morning…..


  3. Was born in Rhondda Fach now living in fawr no way should these little bigots alter the name,without consulting with the residents of the Rhonda Fach


  4. We’re the Rhondda valleys well known ,with a great history and hopefully a great future too. What is this nonsense? How dare they decide to delete half of the famous Rhondda valleys STOP NOW


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