Drunken Shenanigans at Charity Coffee Morning

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An upcoming, charity organised Coffee Morning, in which people get together and drink coffee, has been hijacked by some Rhondda ladies as an excuse for a drunken girlie drinking session.

My Rhondda News has been made aware of several locally organised so called Coffee Mornings, in which wine will be served instead of coffee, also they will be held in the afternoon instead of the morning.

“We’ll still eat cakes and give money to the charity”, said Joan Evans from Ferndale, “but any excuse for wine really”.

The Wine Afternoons will be held in private locations, usually someone’s house, and gaining entry will be akin to getting into a 1920s Speakeasy during Prohibition, using secret knocks and passwords.

Al Capone

In the 1920s during the height of Prohibition, Al Capone ran a multi-million dollar Chicago operation in bootlegging and gambling, dominating the organized crime scene.

Bugsy Malone

In the 1976 film, Bugsy Malone, children play the part of gangsters. The film is loosely based on events during Prohibition, specifically the exploits of real-life gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

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