Ystrad Station Name Change Row

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Network Rail have come under fire from Rhondda residents for calling Ystrad station, “Ystrad Rhondda” and not just “Ystrad”.

In a statement from Network Rail, they said “We had to come up with a way to distinguish Ystrad Mynach from Ystrad, as both towns have stations on routes from Cardiff. Appending the word Rhondda to the station name seemed the most sensible solution.”

Absolutely Ridiculous

Maldwin Matthews, 48 from Ystrad (Rhondda) said “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, we have to add a word on to the end of our town just because thickies from Ystrad Mynach can’t get it right, it’s just not fair”


In a recent poll conducted by My Rhondda News, over 90 percent of Ystrad (Rhondda) residents want the station renamed to just Ystrad.

We also asked “Do you think that Ystrad Mynach residents should use the full name of their town while referring to their station” and the majority of people said “Yes”

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