Rhondda People in Guinness Book of Records

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Rhondda people have inadvertently earned themselves a place in the Guinness book of Records by photographing the same Rainbow more times than any other rainbow.

This evening a rainbow was seen over the Rhondda, which as well as causing Facebook’s servers to have to deal with slightly more traffic than normal, it also caused Rhondda inhabitants to point their phone skywards. Then, without knowing, they played their part in breaking a world record. 517 photographs of the same rainbow were posted to the social media site.

The previous record of 42 photographs of the same rainbow at the same time, was smashed as proud Rhondda residents earned their place in the record books.

Jamie and the Magic Torch
“I turned on my phone and thought I was in an episode of Jamie and the Magic Torch.”, said Cory Williams from Porth, “There were rainbows all over Facebook, I didn’t even need to go outside and look for myself.”

Absolutely Ridiculous
Mary Fringe, 44, of Blaenllechau said “It’s absolutely ridiculous really, I had just posted a photo of my tea, and had to watch my Facebook post get pushed down so fast it only got 4 likes, just because of all the rainbow photos. My Friday tea usually gets at least 20 likes”

Norris McWhirter
James Crump from Williamstown, who took several shots of the rainbow,  said, “I can’t believe it, I used to watch Record Breakers as a kid and always wanted to meet Norris McWhirter, but not Cheryl Baker she wasn’t as good”.
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