Is the White Cross of Trealaw becoming a Tourist Attraction for the KKK?

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Several members of the Ku Klux Klan have been spotted on the hills above Trealaw, dressed in white hoods and taking selfies in front of the white cross of Trealaw.


Our undercover, or rather underpillowcase, reporter from My Rhondda News, infiltrated the Klan and was able to get an interview with their Grand Wizard.

Stunning Views

“We saw this cross on Google Earth”, said the wizard, “and it’s so cheap to stay around here, it seemed like a perfect place to come for a cheap holiday. Plus the views are stunning”. He went on to say that they had planned to set fire to the cross for one of their ceremonies but local residents threatened them and ran them out of town.

Get Back to Your Own Country

Joshua Jones, from Trealaw said, “We didn’t want their type around here really, so we told them to get back to their own country.”
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  1. I saw a bloke in Porth last week wearing a cowboy hat and thought that’s a bit suspicious but I thought he had caught the wrong bus from Glyncoch !!!!! You can never be sure these days !!! I blame the Council !!


  2. I`ve been on the phone to Cadw to get this cross grade 1 listed. We don`t want any KKK nutters messing about with our listed monuments do we.


  3. The Council Destination Management plan for the Rhondda is being updated. All new visitor markets, particular international, need to be explored. One fear is that some of these KKKers are the same folk who do that religious snake handling, and we don’t want rattlesnakes loose in the Rhondda.


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