Cardiff Pubs launch scheme to deter Valley Scum

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My Rhondda News has uncovered a City wide scheme in Cardiff, in which pubs have upped their prices in an attempt to price valley people out of their establishments.

Hair Straighteners

One pub landlord from the city Centre said, ‘We don’t want valley scum down here dressed from the 90s, with their hair straighteners, making the place look untidy and speaking in their accents.”

£4.50 A Pint

He then went on to say “They didn’t stop coming down until we got to £4.50 a pint”

We found that nearly all city centre pubs were involved in this scheme, only BJ Witherspoons was still welcoming Valley folk.

Some Newport People

A spokesman from Witherspoons said, “We weren’t part of this scheme, people think our prices are low, they’re not low, they’re normal. They just look low compared to the other pubs. To be honest, we don’t care who comes in our pubs, we’ll welcome anyone from the valleys, we don’t mind some Newport people coming here either.

Tits Up 

Another landlord we secretly filmed said, “We thought everything was going to plan, there was a marked decrease in valley commandos after the £4.50 price hike, but then it all went tits up when BJ Witherspoons opened”


We asked a bunch of lads from Tylorstown who were on a stag night to Cardiff what they thought about the scheme, they said “It’s absolutely ridiculous really”.
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